Red Light Holland (OTC: TRUFF) Launches New Logo and Interactive Wisdom Truffle Companion Created by Internationally Renowned & Award-Winning Designer Karim Rashid

Toronto, Ontario-March 2, 2021 – Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP) (FSE: 4YX) (OTC: TRUFF) (“Red Light Holland” or the “Company”) is pleased to reveal the company’s interactive Wisdom Truffle and new Logo carefully and creatively designed by renowned designer and Head of Design for Red Light Holland, Karim RashidNew Red Light Holland Logo

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The Wisdom Truffle will be produced in three different models which is expected to be sold across the world in Q4 2021, and it will be able to be pre-ordered on the Company’s website by the end of March 2021. Each model will support a different aspect of Red Light Holland’s iMicro healthy lifestyle and work in conjunction with Red Light Holland’s iMicro Journal WebApp (currently in use) and the Company’s completed immersive AR/VR apps.

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“While focusing on our core business, our goal is also to create alternative revenue streams while building a global brand that is electric, alive and genuinely connects – which then encourages a lifestyle of healthy daily habits, including disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature and ourselves for mental clarity,” said Red Light Holland CEO and Director Todd Shapiro. “I’m amazed to be part of such a creative team that is combining Karim Rashid’s designs and Radix Motion’s technology. Together we are kicking ass with this unique combination of tech meeting real life through creative minds from all sides. The Red Light Holland team is proud to help you see things differently.”

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“The design of the Wisdom Truffle companion promotes positivity and provides comfort. The Wisdom Truffle is also an incredible art piece that’s a great conversation starter around finding a healthier balance with our use of technology. Something we need now more than ever,” said Karim Rashid. “The three model sizes will fit different, use cases and together can transform any environment, bringing light, music and interactivity. The new logo reflects the Wisdom Truffle becoming Red Light Holland’s brand ambassador and it truly represents all of us proudly.”

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The Three Wisdom Truffle Models are named:

1) Moon: which is expected to include a Pulse sensor, multicolour LEDs, bluetooth connected. Moon is a hand held figurine, first-of-its-kind meditation aid and biorhythm communication device. This Wisdom Truffle shows insights into the autonomic nervous system as the lights respond to the person’s heartbeat. Heart rate data can be added to the iMicro Journal app to keep track of physiological changes correlated to microdosing or meditation. Supports multiplayer mode allowing for a unique form of group meditation or connection.

2) Star: which is expected to include a wireless phone charger for Qi enabled devices, multicolor LEDs, bluetooth speaker. Star is a lamp size figurine that helps build a healthier relationship with mobile devices promoting presence and focus. This Wisdom Truffle connects to the iMicro journal app tracking phone usage and rewarding healthy breaks. This Wisdom Truffle also brings the gifts of light and superb sound to any room.

3) SuperNova: which is expected to include a Mini computer running Tensorflow pose detection AI models, Camera, multicolour LEDs, bluetooth speaker. SuperNova is a life sized figurine (1 Meter tall) equipped with Artificial Intelligence that understands body movements. This Wisdom Truffle creates unique interactive audio-visual experiences based on dances, stretches and more. Supports multiplayer mode for galleries, conventions, stores and more.​

“Each Wisdom Truffle creates a specific feedback loop to help people connect to themselves and to others based on the latest neuroscience research,” said Sarah Hashkes, CEO of Radix Motion, the company whose technology will be powering the Wisdom Truffles. “The three Wisdom Truffles will communicate with each other and will be integrated with the rest of the immersive technology we have built for Red Light Holland, including the AR and VR experience and the Journal app. We are building something that in my opinion has never been seen before – technology that is actually in support of our humanity. I can’t wait to get this for Christmas for all my friends.”

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Preorders for the Wisdom Truffle will be available by the end of March on the website and customers can currently join the waiting list to gain first access. As the website has launched today Domain propagation might take up until the end of March 2021 to be visible in some places.

About Red Light Holland Corp.

The Company is an Ontario-based corporation positioning itself to engage in the production, growth and sale (through existing Smart Shops operators and an advanced e-commerce platform) of a premium brand of magic truffles to the legal market within the Netherlands, in accordance with the highest standards, in compliance with all applicable laws.