100X CEO Academy is for public company CEO’s who are committed to achieving their full potential:

Increasing your stock price +100X. 


100X CEO Academy is a Workshop training & Mastermind group. We teach you the proven systems, and give you the tools to maximize your stock price.

The 100X CEO Mastermind provides peer group support with fellow high-achievers and accountability for executing your 100X goal. The Mastermind group is by invitation and limited to 12 CEO’s at any time.


Who this is for:

CEO’s of emerging growth companies with market valuations of $25 million to $1 billion.


Thinking from First Principles:

The #1 job of a public company CEO is to maximize shareholder value.

In plain English that means, INCREASING stock price.

100X CEO Academy gives you the tools to achieve this objective using our proven framework for success. 


The 100X Path is a virtuous cycle – a flywheel:

As your stock prices increases, you are able to raise capital, attract top talent, launch new products/growth initiatives, and make acquisitions. This further drives your stock price – and the success cycle. 100X CEO Academy is the catalyst helping you ignite the spark – setting this success flywheel in motion.


The 100X CEO Academy is based on the systems developed by Jack Marks while creating over $1 trillion in shareholder wealth – helping over 1,500 public companies increase their stock, during his 25 year career. Marks introduced investors to more “Ten Baggers” (stocks that increase +1,000% or more) than anybody on Wall Street, and the methodology is revealed in his #1 best seller TEN BAGGER BLUEPRINT.

CEO’s who build a “CULT Following” – produce +10X Stock Success 

Question: Am I really going to increase my stock +100X with the 100X CEO Academy system?

Answer: You will get the tools, and support to put your company on a trajectory to 100X. Every 100X begins with a +10X and our first objective is to launch you to +10X within 18 months.  

The goal of 100X CEO Academy is to transform your thinking, and expand your possibilities – moving you from incremental to exponential results.

If you follow our proven systems, you will get similar results to our clients, who increased their stock price between 10X-50X (1,000%-5,000%) within 24 months.

Success leaves clues. If you follow a proven system that works, you will get similar results.

Our biggest win to date with this program was only a +50X (CBDT increased +5,000% from $0.05 to $2.50 in just 6 months). But with our new systems, and the right CEO, we expect to have our first true 100X winner in the next 18 months. Will it be YOU?

The 100X CEO Academy process:

You get all the step-by-step training, customized strategy, support and accountability needed to become a 100X stock

1) We work with you to craft a realistic step-by-step, detailed game plan to achieve a +10X win within 18 months, and building a foundation that can then support a +100X within 3-5 years.

2) Your initial +10X game plan includes: crafting the perfect investment story and messaging, developing news-flow strategy and pipeline to build and increase investor engagement, Planning for success: identifying your next level growth initiatives for when stock increases +500% or more. Preparing back-up plans for short attacks, or potential setbacks, Developing capital raise strategy, and partners to fund next-level growth initiatives, and more.

3) Accountability: Most importantly we help you achieve success by holding you accountable to achieving +100X alongside a peer-group of CEO’s on the same journey, with weekly calls and quarterly in-person sessions.


Here are some free video resources to help leaders of public companies:

“Stock price is the tail that wags the dog” – Jack Marks, author Ten Bagger Blueprint

Stock price is TRANSFORMATIONAL: Just imagine how your business would be transformed if your stock was trading at fair market value compared to your peer  group, and liquid….

What kind of M&A activity could you do with a higher stock price? How much growth capital would you be able to raise? What kind of top talent would you be able to attract to your company, when your stock is ascendant?

(Watch the video below which shows how Peak Fintech’s business was transformed as their stock price increased 20X in 14 months, thanks to Wall Street Reporter)

These CEOs Created BILLIONS in Shareholder Value.

Wall Street Reporter “Ten Bagger” SUCCESS STORIES.

DOUBLE your stock price – GUARANTEE. If you knew with absolute certainty that you could increase your valuation by $100-250 million – would you do it? This proven system delivers guaranteed results.

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