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About Wall Street Reporter

Wall Street Reporter (Est. 1843) is a leading online, market news provider that brings current news and market insight to investors and gives investors direct access to CEO’s of promising, publicly-traded companies. Wall Street Reporter’s global investor audience consists primarily of hedge fund managers, investment advisors, analysts, investment bankers, and self-directed individual investors managing over $2 trillion in capital worldwide.

Our Mission
Wall Street Reporter’s purpose is to help investors worldwide discover profitable trading and investing ideas.

Wall Street Reporter has been online since 1997, and traces its heritage to 1843, as the first financial newspaper published in the United States.

Today, Wall Street Reporter is best known as a “bridge” connecting serious investors directly with management of high-potential public companies.

Our exclusive CEO Interviews, and Investment Conferences enable company management to share their company’s “investment story” in their own words, in a candid way, without media bias, or filtering.

This management access, gives investors a profitable edge, enabling them to understand a company’s upside potential, in the proper context, straight from the source.

How Investors PROFIT from Wall Street Reporter.

Smart investors know the best opportunities are often found in companies undergoing positive material change, which can drive stock prices higher.
Examples are:
-New products and services
-Increases in revenues/earnings
-New management
-New discoveries (oil & minerals)
-New regulatory approvals (FDA drug approvals, etc.)
– Any kind of material change which can result in increased profitability – and higher stock prices.
These are the types of companies Wall Street Reporter brings to the attention of investors through our CEO Interviews and Investment Conferences.

Savvy investors pay extra special attention to companies featured in “The Spotlight” section on Wall Street Reporter’s website, as well as our conference presenters.

What makes these companies so special?
These are companies that serious about gaining greater investor awareness for their story, and have invested in an advertising/media campaign to reach Wall Street Reporter’s full global audience on a consistent basis. These companies are actively promoting their story to the investment community and, their stocks will be benefiting from ongoing getting visibility and distribution to thousands of fund managers, analysts, and institutional investors over the coming weeks and months, though Wall Street Reporter’s media platform.

What that really means is that more investors will become aware of these stocks. And as any smart investor knows: the more people know about a stock, the more potential buying there is. More demand for a stock = higher stock price & volume.

Over the years, numerous companies (and their shareholders) have benefited from increased stock prices and liquidity as a result of the increased visibility brought about through Wall Street Reporter’s media platform.

Company’s that “Get It”

“Buy stocks that go up. If they don’t go up, don’t buy ‘em”
– Will Rogers

Let’s face facts: if you’re like most investors, you buy stocks for ONE REASON ONLY: you buy stocks because you expect them to go up in price.

So it’s absolutely critical that the management of the company you invest in is aligned with your goals of an increasing stock price. The primary goal a CEO of a publicly-traded company has is to make the stockholders (you) rich. This is referred to as “Creating shareholder value”. i.e. increasing stock price.

While most CEO’s pay lip service to this idea, only a rare few actually “get it”. That’s because most CEO’s are used to managing a business instead of managing a stock. Much to the frustration of millions of investors, managing a stock requires a completely different skill set and philosophy than simply managing a business.

CEO’s who “get it” understand it’s just not enough to have a great business, and “investment story” if nobody knows about it! (After all, with 50,000 stocks trading on exchanges worldwide, how are investors supposed to find you?). Savvy CEO’s know they need to be proactive in marketing their story to the investment community. Much to the delight of their shareholders, you will find CEO’s who “Get It” in the “Spotlight” section of Wall Street Reporter’s website and presenting at our conferences.

CEO Interviews
Wall Street Reporter interviews over 2,000 public company CEO’s each year – helping investors gain insights into the quality of management, and corporate strategy at these companies.

Wall Street Reporter’s CEO Interviews help answer the questions investors really want to know:
– Where is the future growth coming from?
– What are the competitive challenges facing the company?
– What factors can have an impact on the stock price in the near term?
– What is the track record of key members of the management team?
– Does the company have adequate financial resources to successfully execute its strategy?

Savvy investors can gain valuable insight into management style by listening and reading to Wall Street Reporter’s CEO interviews:
– Is the CEO detailed or vague?
– Credible or full of hype?
– Does the CEO’s style appear to fit the company’s needs in a leader?
– Is management committed to actively maximizing shareholder value?

It’s no wonder that so many top-performing hedge fund managers, and analysts use Wall Street Reporter’s interviews as a key step in their research process.

Wall Street Reporter’s Audience
Wall Street Reporter serves a sophisticated investor audience, which includes fund managers, stock brokers, analysts, as well as self-directed individual investors, worldwide.

Wall Street Reporter was founded in 1843 by William McIntyre and originally published as “The Wall Street Reporter and The Jeffersonian Republican”. Eventually, the title was shortened to “The Wall Street Reporter.” It was the first financial newspaper in the United States – published more than 50 years before Charles Dow and Edward Jones started The Wall Street Journal. Back then, the United States was a highly speculative “emerging market”. The Wall Street Reporter covered the key business and financial issues of the day, until the depression of 1851, when the newspaper suspended publication.

The U.S. Library of Congress in Washington D.C. maintains a collection of original issues of The Wall Street Reporter from the 1840’s in their archives.

Wall Street Reporter was relaunched by publisher, Jack Marks in 1997 as an internet site with a focus on CEO interviews. Wall Street Reporter pioneered the concept of streaming audio interviews on the web. Since then, we have produced over 18,000 CEO Interviews with publicly traded companies worldwide.

Keeping to our pioneer roots, we maintain a focus on high-potential stocks that are ignored by mainstream financial media: emerging growth, and middle-market companies. Because these stocks are under-followed, and undiscovered, they are often undervalued – presenting our audience with great upside potential.

Wall Street Reporter’s CEO Interviews are a showcase where investors are able to discover great companies whose management teams are committed to creating shareholder value. As a result, our investor audience has been able to get in on the ground floor of numerous stocks that have appreciated 200% – 1,000% or more, after they were first featured on

Discover profitable new opportunities by signing up for Wall Street Reporter’s free e-mail newsletter to get updates. Qualified investors are also invited to attend our investment conferences and 1-on-1 meetings with company CEO’s.

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“…one of my clients, Apollo Gold, (AMEX: AGT) recently conducted an interview and promotion with Wall Street Reporter. I was very satisfied with the quality of the interview, service and overall outcome of the promotion as the stocks volume tripled and price of the stock increased shortly after the promotion. I would recommend using Wall Street Reporters’ services as a vehicle to promote your story and reach potential investors.”

Danny Gravelle, Goal Capital llc, Investor Relations

“EastBridge Investment Group (OTCBB: EBIG) would like to thank Jack Marks and Wall Street Reporter (WSR) for its assistance in its IR/PR campaign. Our stock volume has increased more than 50% since we began working with WSR. Their “multi-ticker” press releases is an excellent method to help market a company like ours as they promote our company with other larger companies in the same industry in the same PR. WSR has also conducted a couple of interviews with our CEO and CFO. The interviews are professionally done, and we have seen significant spikes in our volume once the interview is released. Finally, they work with an excellent analyst that provided a very comprehensive analysis of EastBridge. The analyst’s report became another impressive tool used by WSR to promote our company. Our company highly recommends Jack Marks and WSR for your IR/PR campaigns.”-Norm Klein, CFO East Bridge Investment Group

“Wall Street Reporter’s Small-Cap Discovery Conference is an excellent event for raising capital, and getting your story out to institutions. They really put on a first-class show. I highly recommend Wall Street Reporter’s program.” -Frank Wilde, CEO Riptide Worldwide (OTC BB: RTWW)

“Wall Street Reporter delivered far more than I possibly imagined in a professional and first class manner. I would like to personally thank you for the fine work you and your staff did on our recent interview, reprints and article in the Wall Street Reporter. You have reason to be proud of your services and publication. During the past year our company has invested as much as five times the cost of your services and received poor to substandard work. When your staff first contacted me about the interview and cost of marketing materials, I have to admit I was skeptical about trying another mass media publication due to past disappointments. It has been a nice surprise to work with such a quality firm and professionals that have delivered more then expected and stand well above the crowd of non-performers. We believe our money has been well spent and look forward to working with you again in the future.
Donald S. Robbins, President and CEO Consortium Service Management Group (OTC BB: CTUM)

“(Wall Street Reporter Conferences) are without a doubt the best and most cost-effective conferences of their kind that we have used. I had a client who presented with you recently who called me this morning and said, ‘Frank, I should have hired you sooner. You put us in front of the right set of eyeballs.’ Each of your conferences has had excellent ambience and good attendance. We look forward to doing more things together. Keep up the good work!” -Frank Hawkins, CEO – Hawk Associates, Inc.

“…our thanks to Jack Marks and his firm for their excellent work creating a “Landing Page” for Flame Seal Products, Inc. and the subsequent promotion / marketing of that product via their “click through” program. The results are, as Mr. Marks explained from the outset, predictable and trackable. The data is excellent for evaluation of the process, and the results are excellent. We have tracked the volume and price of our stock diligently every day for over five years, and the effect of Jack Marks program from the date of implementation has been remarkable. I highly recommend the services of Mr. Marks’ companies for any public company seeking a solid, professional IR/PR campaign that gets results. “ -Michael D. Kiser, President Flame Seal Products, Inc.