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We have FOUR Livestream presentations this week! February 11-13!

February 11: CytoDyn (OTC: CYDY) & NexTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR)

February 12: Imagination Park (CSE: IP) (OTC: IPNNF)

February 13: FaceBank Group (OTC: FBNK)


February 12, 2020 – 12:30 EST



Imagination Park (OTC: IPNFF) (CSE: IP)

Alen Paul Silverrstieen






Imagination Park (OTC: IPNFF) (CSE: IP) will be making their debut presentation at NEXT SUPER STOCK Conference February 12.

CEO Alen Paul Silverrstieen discussing the company’s unique opportunities in the emerging $120 billion dollar Augmented Reality Market.

Imagination Park’s AR technology solutions help major retailers and sports franchises increase their revenues by offering their customers engagement and immersive experiential experiences.

Imagination Park will be the featured presenter in Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK Conference February 12.   Click here to join the Livestream



February 13, 2020 – 12:30 EST




FaceBank Group (OTC: FBNK)

John Textor, CEO






FaceBank Group (OTC: FBNK) will making its debut presentation at Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream conference on February 13, 2020.

FaceBank CEO John Textor will be discussing:

– FBNK’s “moonshot” goal to build and monetize the ultimate IP asset: all the world’s faces – including massive revenue opportunities from “digital celebrities”.

– Monetizing FBNK’s Celebrity IP portfolio to generate revenue in 2020, with projects including: Virtual Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Kung Fu Panda and more. (FBNK potential project pipeline also includes: Digital Mohammed Ali, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson.)

– Scaling FBNK’s revenues (from $5.83 million in Q3 2019) to $200 million run-rate in 2020

– Capitalizing on M&A opportunities in entertainment industry IP, and technologies.

– NASDAQ up-listing in 2020.

– And more!

A question & answer session will follow the presentation, and investors are invited to submit questions in advance, or during the live session.
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February 11, 2020 – 12:30 EST



CytoDyn, Inc (OTC: CYDY)

Nader Pourhassan, Ph.D

Back by popular demand! CytoDyn, Inc. (OTC: CYDY) CEO Nader Pourhassan, Ph.D, will be making a follow-up presentation from January’s NEXT SUPER STOCK conference appearance – which is highly anticipated by the thousands of investors worldwide who follow CYDY.  

Dr. Pourhassan will be sharing the latest updates on CYDY’s clinical data from recent weeks, as well as potential use of Leronlimab in treating the coronavirus. 

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By popular demand, Dr. Pourhassan will be making a comprehensive presentation covering CYDY’s full pipeline. A question & answer session will follow the presentation, and investors are invited to submit questions in advance, or during the live session.

CYDY’s lead drug candidate, leronlimab (PRO 140) for treating HIV, is expected to receive FDA approval in mid 2020. CytoDyn recently signed a $87.5 million licensing deal for commercializing Leronlimab to treat HIV. Investors attention is also on the possibility of CytoDyn’s HIV monotherapy potential receiving FDA approval as label expansion, potentially in 2021. CytoDyn’s monotherapy is a potential “game changer” in HIV treatment, requiring only once-weekly dose which could be self-administered. 

CyoDyn’s Leronlimab platform is also developing potential treatments for multiple cancer indications, and immune-mediated illnesses, such as GvHD and NASH, which have blockbuster revenue potential.  

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CYDY stock has increased from $0.35 at the time of the company’s November 14, 2019 NEXT SUPER STOCK conference presentation to a recent high of $1.65 – an increase of over 345%.


February 11, 2020 – 1:30PM EST




NextTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR)

Evan Gappelberg, CEO

Returning for his encore NEXT SUPER STOCK presentation is Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech AR Solution Corp. (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR). Evan will update investors on the company’s newly launched 3D ad network, V-commerce, AR capture app initiatives, record revenue growth, and more.  Evan will also address the recent attack from short-sellers.

NexTech (OTC: NEXCF) is one of the leaders in the rapidly growing Augmented Reality technology industry, estimated to hit $120 billion by 2022, according to Statista (and the only “pure play” AR stock).

NEXCF stock has increased from $0.52 at the time of the company’s August 15, 2019 debut at the NEXT SUPER STOCK conference to a recent high of $2.54 –  an increase of +357%.

A question & answer session will follow the presentation, and investors are invited to submit questions in advance, or during the live session.

CLICK HERE to join the NEXCF Livestream February 11.



NEXT SUPER STOCK Live! is Wall Street Reporter’s flagship investor conference series featuring presentations by a select group of companies which are at key inflection points, and at the threshold of explosive growth.


What makes the NEXT SUPER STOCK Live! conference unique, is all the presenting companies have near-term catalysts in place which can drive transformational growth (and stock appreciation) in the months ahead. 

Examples of value creation catalysts include: Major new product launches, mergers & acquisitions, new resource discoveries, FDA approvals, and other value creation events – which transform companies and create SUPER STOCKS.

Just as importantly as their exciting business fundamentals – each presenting company also benefits from high profile marketing to Wall Street Reporter’s global institutional investor audience over the coming months – resulting in increased market awareness for their stocks. Watching this livestream event, gives investors an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what could be the “Next Super Stock” – before they are discovered by Wall Street.


NEXT SUPER STOCK Live! is a 1-hour online-only livestream event, featuring presentations from CEO’s of just three selected companies. The fast-paced 1-hour event format, features 15 minute CEO presentations followed by 5-minute Q&A.  (The event takes place from 12PM-1PM EST, allowing for investment professionals to watch during their lunch break in the trading day.) Event attendees gain maximum value, in minimum of time. 


Over the past 20 years, Wall Street Reporter’s investor conferences have earned a unique reputation for showcasing high-potential stocks – many of which go on to deliver triple-digit gains, and become Super Stocks.


Event attendees include, leading fund managers, analysts, investment bankers, family offices, as well as sophisticated individual investors. If you’re a finance professional in the small-cap space, chances are your peers will be attending this live online event – shouldn’t you join them?

Presenting companies are announced 3 days before the event. 

You’ll have a first-hand opportunity to watch live presentation from CEO’s of today’s most exciting companies.

 Watch the fast-paced CEO presentations, and gain an insider perspective on the company’s unique opportunities and challenges, and learn about their upside potential – ahead of the crowd.






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