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Profit From Marijuana's Makeover

A brand is a powerful thing. It’s why Ford’s F-150 is synonymous with the pickup truck. It’s why Coke is a household name and waiters and waitresses the world over have to ask, “Is Pepsi okay?”

Marijuana itself has a sort of “brand,” and it carries a lot of baggage. It still conjures up images of Cheech and Chong, Willie Nelson, long hair and Woodstock for some.

But many Americans are beginning to look at cannabis in a different light.

As today’s chart shows, a majority of Democrats, Independents and Republicans support cannabis legalization. And that says a lot when all three of …read more […]

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The 6 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in May

After the stock market rallied at the end of April, some investors are still looking for a big payout. Here is a list of the five top penny stocks to watch in May.

While the stock market can still produce gains, they may not be enough, or you could miss them. In the last month, both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq hit record highs in the wake of some positive economic news and some better-than-expected corporate earnings reports.

Whether you didn’t make enough in that rally or missed it completely, there is still money to be made on Wall Street. And some …read more […]

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What Poland Can Teach You About Investing

There’s a Polish saying I love: “Jakoś to będzie.” It means something along the lines of “It’ll be alright.”

It might sound like passive resignation, but it refers to optimism in the face of adversity. And it suits modern Poland perfectly.

When the Soviet Union fell in 1989, Poland was free for the first time in decades.

But its economy was in shambles. Its currency was less than worthless. It would have been easy to despair.

Instead the Poles put “Jakoś to będzie” into practice and chose optimism. They aggressively liberalized the country, embracing free market principles.

Poland became Europe’s fastest-growing economy. It avoided the …read more […]

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Growth Slams Value

Editor’s Note: As investors, we want the highest returns possible without risking our shirts in the process. But this can be a hard balance to strike.

Enter Bryan Bottarelli, founder of Monument Traders Alliance. As a former Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) clerk, Bryan knows how all the big traders made their money. It’s with this expertise that he is launching The War Room, a platform to help investors speculate intelligently to score the same kinds of returns while managing risk exposure.

On Wednesday, May 8, Bryan will spill the details about this fast-paced, high-impact trading service in a live online event.

Sign …read more […]

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The Value of a "Sparkling" Customer Experience

In the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the characters played by Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard have a ring from a Cracker Jack box engraved at Tiffany & Co. (NYSE: TIF), unable to afford anything else from the glittering high-end jewelry store.

My favorite part of the scene is how happy the man at the counter is to engrave the ring. Rather than sneering at the two cash-strapped visitors, he treats them the same way he would treat a millionaire.

This iconic scene played a big part in reinforcing what one could call the Tiffany legend.

To this day, people around the world …read more […]

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How to Join the 1%, No Tights Required

Most Americans who own stock could be considered part of an elite class. In fact, the chart above shows that 84% of America’s equity is owned by just 10% of Americans.

About half of all Americans own no stock whatsoever, and another third have stock only in a retirement account. That’s unfortunate, as investing is the best way to secure financial independence for you and yours.

A 401(k) is all well and good, but if that’s your only interaction – or a majority of your interaction – with the market, you’re missing out on a potential fortune.

That said, keeping track of various …read more […]

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You’ve Got Options

Most people who play the stock market are missing out. They’re not using the most powerful weapon in a trader’s arsenal – options.

Options are much faster-paced than stock trading, their potential gains are enormous and the buy-in is generally pretty cheap.

Although options are most popular with millennials, they’re not just a young person’s game. They can be used by anyone to supercharge their portfolio.

Still need convincing? In 2015, one trader turned $110,000 into $2.4 million in only 28 minutes. Those are the kinds of gains possible with options.

With stocks, a 5% or 10% gain in a day would be mind-blowing. …read more […]

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Beat the Market With the Ultimate Dividend Stocks

Why settle for being an aristocrat when you can be king?

You’ve probably heard of the Dividend Aristocrats. If not, they’re companies that have raised their dividends every year for the last 25 years. That’s pretty fantastic…

But what if I told you there’s something even better?

There is. It’s time to bend the knee and swear allegiance to the Dividend Kings.

While Dividend Aristocrats have raised their dividends for 25 years in a row, Dividend Kings have raised their dividends for 50.

There are more than 50 Dividend Aristocrats, but there are fewer than 30 Dividend Kings. They consist of the most powerful and …read more […]

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How to Find a Bargain in the Growing Cannabis Industry

March is the beginning of “pot smoking season.”

This is when we see sales spike, especially in Colorado. And we enter the busy season for the industry that stretches all the way to September.

But so far, March hasn’t been kind to anyone… especially cannabis companies.

The North American Marijuana Index fell more than 6% earlier this month…

On top of that, we had a number of headline moves – including that pervasive trend of mergers and acquisitions.

It demonstrated how incestuous the industry is.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) bought Cronos Group’s (Nasdaq: CRON) 19% stake in Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. for $131.4 million.

Recently, Choom Holdings …read more […]

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The Student Debt Crisis and What It Means for You

I’ve previously written about America’s coming retirement crisis. But there’s another crisis that isn’t helping the situation… the student debt crisis.

As more Americans attend college, student loans have grown by almost 160%. There’s currently $1.5 trillion in federal student loans out there.

The average student loan borrower is $37,172 in debt. Many owe more than that… Late fees and defaults often drive that debt up to six figures. It’s gotten so bad that 40% of borrowers are expected to default on their loans by 2023.

The average monthly payment on a student loan is $393. But some people pay as much as …read more […]

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It's Actually Pretty Easy Being Green

Our modern world is built on plastic. Plastics have made our lives healthier, more comfortable and more convenient. Unfortunately, they’ve also damaged the planet horribly.

Right now there’s a patch of plastic waste the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean. Oil-based plastics can take decades to break down, centuries even. Some may never fully disintegrate.

We can recycle plastic, true. But most of it ends up in landfills or the ocean, poisoning our land and water with harmful chemicals. But there is a solution. And believe it or not, we’ve known about it for centuries…


This wonder crop has dozens of …read more […]

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There’s Nothing Crude About This Investment

Fun fact: The U.S. ended 2018 as the world’s top crude oil producer, shipping 11.99 million barrels per day (bpd) to surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia.

But this production growth hasn’t come without environmental costs. There were two major oil spills in the U.S. last year. And who can forget the 2017 Keystone XL pipeline fiasco in South Dakota?

Now one of the world’s largest tech companies is helping the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas company “clean up” its act, spelling good news for shareholders.

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) announced a groundbreaking pact recently. Microsoft …read more […]

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America's Retirement Crisis (and How We Can Help)

Let’s be honest. The U.S. has a serious retirement problem…

The Club’s Bond Strategist Steve McDonald writes extensively about this issue.

About 42% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.

Even most of those with retirement accounts don’t have enough to last a long retirement. The median account balance for Americans nearing retirement is $15,000.

And that money is supposed to last them the rest of their lives!

Don’t look to the government for help. Social Security’s reserve funds will be depleted by 2034. Medicare will most likely become insolvent by 2026. The country is in massive debt… and so are many Americans.

The …read more […]

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Africa’s Astonishing Growth and Unstoppable Bull Market

Mention developing economies… and China and India likely come to mind. It’s true both countries are growing fast. But China is nearly a developed nation, and India isn’t too far behind.

To find the fastest-growing economies, you’d have to travel to Africa.

More than a dozen of the fastest-growing economies in the world are located in Africa. Chief among them is Ethiopia. The East African nation has seen an incredible 10% average annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the past decade.

It’s not just Ethiopia that’s booming either…

Senegal’s GDP is growing at 7%, the Ivory Coast’s is growing at 8% and the …read more […]

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What China’s Slowing Economy Means for You

Since 1990, China’s economic engine has been an impressive machine.

Since 2010, however, it seems to have blown a cylinder.

While a 6.6% growth rate is something most countries would kill for, China’s growth has been declining year after year.

So what’s happening?

In short, the “Middle Kingdom” (Mandarin translation for the country’s name) is shifting from developing to developed. Meteoric growth is common in poor countries where labor is cheap and plentiful.

That’s how China used to be. But its economy is a fundamentally different animal now…

China has a burgeoning middle class that’s larger than America’s entire population. It’s outsourcing its cheap labor to …read more […]