Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

Watts Water Technologies, Inc.





Sector: Industrial
Industry: Industrial Equipment & Components

Interview With:
William McCartney
Chief Financial Officer

Dated March 03, 2009


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Watts Water Technologies (formerly Watts Industries),are makers of valves used in plumbing, heating, and water control applications. Watt’s products include ball valves, safety relief valves, pressure regulators, float valves, and drainage products. The company sells most of its valves for use in plumbing, heating, water-quality, and water-flow control equipment. Sales are primarily made through commissioned businesses that sell to plumbing and heating wholesalers, do-it-yourself markets, and distributors. Director Tim Horne and his family control the company. The company changed its name in late 2003 to better reflect the company’s direction and product lines.

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