Donald Trump gets investing advice from Howard Lindzon

Howard Lindzon and Donald Trump discuss Howard’s new book: “The Wallstrip Edge”
Donald Trump & Howard Lindzon on Investing

Howard Lindzon’s blog is always good for perspective. Just like Jim Cramer is good for perspective. These are very bright guys who fall in love with their own ideas. So you can make alot of money by taking the other side of the trade of these guys. Howard Lindzon’s book probably has one or two good ideas worth the cover price. This is the type of book you should flip through at your Barnes & Noble – without purchasing. Or, if you are a value investor, and live in NYC, (and really feel the urge to support Howard Lindzon’s publisher), wait 3-4 weeks till it goes on sale for $1.99 in the remainder bin at Strand Books. You will also find Donald Trump’s books there for the same price.

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