Jeremy Siegel Ph.D: “S&P 500 is cheap by historical standards”

Jeremy Siegel Ph.D, is not your typical egghead. He has been extraordinarily prescient at calling major turning points in the market.
Now he says, the S&P 500 is cheap by historical standards. Jeremy Siegel believes there is a flaw in the way S&P calculates earnings, which causes the PE ratios to look expensive because of a few bad eggs in the basket…. Article is here

Here is Jeremy Siegel’s bottom line:
“The true valuation of the market is no where near as dismal as the aggregate earnings reported by Standard & Poor’s suggest. When portfolios of stocks are weighted by market values, the market is cheap by historical standards. No one can say for sure whether March 9 will mark the bottom of this dismal bear market (I personally think it will), but I am sure that investors who hold a diversified portfolio of stocks today will be rewarded by above-average returns.”

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