Jim Cramer-Nouriel Roubini-Jon Stewart – CAGE MATCH!

In the continuing saga of the “battle of the populist guru’s”, Nouriel Roubini called Jim Cramer a “Bufoon”.

As we have noted before, major market turning points are marked by events such as this…

(It is interesting to note that Jon Stewart’s “kangaroo trial” of Jim Cramer happened near the market’s bottom.)

We propose a cage match between Jon Stewart, Jim Cramer and Nouriel Roubini.
NY POST writes:
Just weeks after “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart took Cramer to task for trying to turn finance reporting into a “game,” famous bear economist Nouriel Roubini criticized Cramer on Tuesday for predicting bull markets.

“Cramer is a buffoon,” said Roubini, a New York University economics professor often called Dr. Doom. “He was one of those who called six times in a row for this bear market rally to be a bull market rally and he got it wrong. And after all this mess and Jon Stewart he should just shut up because he has no shame.”

Cramer, the host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” show, recently wrote in a blog that Roubini is “intoxicated” with his own “prescience and vision” and said Roubini should realize that things are better since the stock market’s recent bottom in early March.

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