“Fresh” Short Squeeze Ideas from TheFly

The Fly at Ibankcoin.com is always good for trading ideas. Here is his latest. We are partial to BUCY @ $20 and TSL. If you are the gambling type, perhaps SFI.

The Fly writes:

Ladies and Losers,

I am here to present a solution to the current credit crisis, via large institutional sponsored short squeezes, which will effectively “bake the balls” of all remaining short sellers—putting them into thin layered pine boxes. Quite frankly, it is not enough to see them wandering the streets of Manhattan, at all odd hours of the night, picking out sandwiches from the garbage cans.

If I may propose, I’d like to run over such said miscreants, with oversized sanitation trucks, then toss them into portable lit fireplaces—for proper burial of course.

Now many of you, my kind, benevolent readership, find yourselves in the back of a jam sandwich, short stocks into criminal balance sheet games. I beg of you to keep pursuing this course of action, for you make excellent tinder inside of my inferno funhouse.

Without further delay, I gift you 10 short squeeze ideas, all courtesy and praise go to the magnanimous gentlemen of The PPT for providing the data.

GPI (PPT Rec: Buy), TSL (PPT Rec: Buy), BKS (PPT Rec: Buy), CSR (PPT Rec: Buy), BUCY (PPT Rec: Buy), SFI (PPT Rec: Sell), TRLG (PPT Rec: Buy), WNR (PPT Rec: Buy), JASO (PPT Rec: Buy), CRM (PPT Rec: Buy).

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