Universal Detection Technology (OTC BB: UNDT) CEO Interview

Universal Detection Technology
Jacques Tizabi, CEO
Universal Detection Technology is engaged in the research, development, and marketing of bioterrorism detection devices. The Company’s primary product is BSM-2000. BSM-2000 is designed to provide continuous unattended monitoring of airborne bacterial spores in public places, with real-time automated alert functionality. The device is designed to detect an increase in the concentration of bacterial spores, which is indicative of a potential presence of Anthrax. The Company’s BSM-2000, consists of four components: an air sampler for aerosol capture, which collects aerosolized particles on a fiber tape; thermal lysis for releasing the dipicolinic acid from the spores; reagent delivery via syringe pump, and a lifetime gated luminescence detection of the terbium-dipicolinate complex.

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