Nuvilex, Inc. Reports Doctors Findings that Homeopathic Remedies Successfully Treated Swine Flu in Mexico City

CHERRY HILL, N.J., March 24, 2010–Nuvilex, Inc. (OTC BB: NVLX), announced today that Legacy Biotechnologies, Inc., its joint venture partner with Reme-Flu™ with Syn-X9™ formulation reports findings that during a May 2009 outbreak of Mexican Flu in Mexico City, a small group of medical doctors successfully treated several cases of Flu by employing homeopathic remedies.

The doctors who reported these findings from first hand observations are: Est. Luis Jamil Bonilla Galicia, Dr. Oscar Alberto Legaria Garcia, Dr. Emmanuel Alvarez Lorenzo, and Dr. Fernando Dareo Francois Flores. According to the report, the symptoms of the 1918 flu pandemic and the so called “swine flu” in Mexico City of 2009 are very similar. One of the conclusions in the report from mainstream medical literature is, “… that this virus [A(H1N1)influenza virus] was the causative agent of the influenza epidemics in (1918–1919), (1933-1035), (1946–1047), (1977-1978).”

These findings are extremely important because many of the proven ingredients used by these doctors in their successful treatment of Swine Flu virus, are also found in Reme-Flu™. Homeopathic remedies, including Reme-Flu™, are a safe and effective way in helping to treat symptoms of the influenza virus. In addition, Homeopathic medicines are not affected by viral mutations. Conversely, viral mutations can cause difficulties for the current crop of flu drugs to successfully cope with these new strains. According to a New York Times report from January 8, 2009, “major flu strain found resistant to leading drug, puzzling scientists.” By checking throat swabs of common flu affected patients, researchers found a higher rate of resistance to pharmaceutical flu remedies this year as compared to last year.

Legacy Biotechnologies and its joint venture partner, Nuvilex, believe that their unique two-part protocol homeopathic remedy, Reme-Flu™, with proprietary Syn-X9 formulation, will become a primary force as a natural medicine for treating flu symptoms.

Reme-Flu™ with Syn-X9™ formulation will soon be available for sale on, one of the top-rated websites in the world, according to Alexa’s global and well-known ranking system.

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