(VIDEO) Cobalt27 (TSX.V: KBLT) “pure play” on electric vehicle boom

Cobalt27 Capital Corp. (TSX.V: KBLT) (OTC: CBLLF) interview with Anthony Milewski, Chairman & CEO.

Cobalt is a key ingredient in electric vehicle, and energy storage batteries. In this interview, Anthony explains how Cobalt27 is structured to offer investors a proxy on the rapidly growing electric vehicle and energy storage markets, via its cobalt mining royalty streams, and physical ownership of cobalt metal (which has current market value of about $200 million).

Topics discussed include:

– Overview of cobalt market
– Update on recent acquisitions
– Possibility of dividend payments, as cashflow from royalties begins in 2019
– Cobalt27’s assets located in politically stable Canada & Australia (Vs. Congo)
– Why stock is intrinsically undervalued today, and offers upside potential
– And more…