GP Solutions (OTC: GWPD) Developing Certified Pathogen Free Potting Mix to Provide Farmers and Consumers an Alternative to Bacterial-Ridden Soils

CNN: Dangerous bacteria and fungi lurk in some commercial soils, leading to harmful infections and even death

CORONA, Calif., April 4, 2019 /GP Solutions (OTC: GWPD) the developer of GrowPod modular automated micro-farms, announced that its proprietary blends of premium planting mixtures will help eliminate what CNN reported as a range of diseases, infections and even death caused by soils that contains dangerous bacteria and fungi.

The CNN report said some commercially available potting soils carry harmful bacteria and fungi. There have been reports of deaths from diseases, including Legionnaires’ attributed to bacteria in potting mix.

Numerous fungi are present in soil and potting mix. Some soil contains fungi that can invade if inhaled and cause disease. These include the lung infection histoplasmosis, according to CNN.

Protecting Yourself

GP Solutions, the developer of GrowPod modular automated micro-farms, is creating a proprietary lineup of premium pathogen-free soils.

The mixtures are vegan, and contain no animal products. Many other commercial soils use fish and animal waste that can contain harmful pathogens and bacteria, which may contaminate crops and cause illness. As the public becomes more aware of the dangers of contaminated soil, they will start demanding that their food is grown in controlled environments using pathogen free soil mixtures.

GP Solutions is ramping up production and will begin selling its clean soil mixes in the near future.

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GP Solutions is at the forefront of clean agriculture. The company developed “GrowPods” – innovative indoor clean micro farms that provide optimum conditions for plant cultivation with total environmental control. GrowPods are modular and automated for ease of use and scalability.

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