GP Solutions (OTC: GWPD) Introduces Organic+ Superfoods at New Farmer’s Market in California

Fresh produce, picked at its peak, was grown in “GrowPods” with no pesticides, harmful chemicals, or contaminants

CORONA, Calif., April 16, 2019 GP Solutions (OTC: GWPD) developer of GrowPod modular automated micro-farms, announced that it will make its first crop of Organic [+] Superfoods available to the public at a new farmer’s market in Riverside, CA.

The fresh produce was grown to perfection in the GrowPod indoor farm, using no pesticides or harmful chemicals. The food includes varieties of lettuce, micro-greens and radishes, picked at their peak flavor and nutritional value just minutes before taking them to the market.

“We provide the ultimate farm-to-table freshness with 100% traceability,” said George Natzic, president of Grow Pod Solutions. “Now consumers can know exactly where and when their food was grown,” he added. “Our only problem is our limited supply. We simply don’t have enough farmers growing this produce locally yet.”

GrowPods’ innovative hybrid growing system uses the company’s new “Living Soil” mixture that is free of animal products, pathogens and contaminants, along with filtered water and purified air in a controlled environment to provide optimum, clean cultivation.

“The Fruit Man” is a new farmer’s market in Riverside. Located at the base of Mt. Rubidoux – a popular destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The market features an assortment of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, including the first commercial harvest of GP Solutions’ Organic [+ ] Superfoods.

“The Fruit Man” is located at 4384 Tequesquite Avenue, in Riverside.

For information on GP Solutions or GrowPods, visit:, or call (855) 247-8054.

For information on The Fruit Man, visit:, or call (951) 354-0466.


GP Solutions is at the forefront of clean agriculture. The company developed “GrowPods” – innovative, clean micro farms that provide optimum conditions for plant cultivation with total environmental control. GrowPods are modular and automated for ease of use and scalability.

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