NexTech (OTC: NEXCF) Partners With Google On Its New 3D Ad Platform

NEW YORK and TORONTO, Oct 08, 2019  — NexTech AR Solutions (the “Company” or “NexTech”) (otcqb:NEXCF) (NTAR)(N29) is pleased to announce that it has built ad creatives that have passed Google’s 3D validation tool and is now working with Google to launch a series of 3D ads for its clients. NexTech is directing its proprietary 3D asset creation technology, previously used for WebAR clients, to create content for Google’s new 3D ad platform positioning both companies to be at the forefront of the emerging 3D-AR market. Over the next 30 days the company will be working directly with Google to launch its first 3D “Swirl ads” ads.

As explained by Google:

“Swirl brings three-dimensional assets to display advertising on the mobile web, which can help educate consumers before making a purchase. They can directly zoom in and out, rotate a product, or play an animation.”

“We are excited to be working directly with Google on their new 3D ads platform which is the first step in bringing fully immersive AR ads to market expected to launch in 2020. Companies are looking for ways to rapidly transform 2D assets to 3D assets for advertising, eCommerce and training. With our state of the art 3D capture capabilities, NexTech is the first AR company to offer the industry’s first end-to-end solution for advertisers and brands from the creation of 3D assets, online 3D display ads, WebAR 3D product views, 3D shopping experiences, and ultimately leading to the purchasing of goods all in a frictionless and seamless 3D virtual environment. Our 3D-AR solutions work incredibly well with all major platforms and add tremendous value providing rich product experience to online shoppers who are craving more and more when making online purchasing decisions,” said Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech.

Available through Google’s Display and Video 360 formats, “Swirl ads” will enable brands which have existing 3D assets to build them into their ad units. In this instance NexTech will be building the 3D assets to meet Google’s 3D display process which involves; creating the 3D asset, coming up with a creative, publishing in DV360 and then monitoring the campaign metrics.

The 3D models can then be spun, enlarged, and interacted with directly by the consumer within the ad itself. Split-testing by Sketchfab-branded 3D ads versus traditional static ads bears out just how dramatically engagement can improve, showing a 633% increase in sign-up conversions and a 376% increase in click-through rates.