Medicine Man Technologies (OTC: MDCL) $170 Million Cannabis Powerhouse – Update on Acquisitions & More.




Andy Williams






Medicine Man Technologies, Inc. (OTC: MDCL) CEO Interview with Andy Williams. NEXT SUPER STOCK conference presenter, Andy Williams delivers an update on MDCL’s transformation into a  vertically integrated cannabis powerhouse generating $170 million. Topics discussed, include:

  • Updates on pending acquisition status, now going through regulatory approval, and on track to close Q1 2020. 
  • Post-acquisition integration synergies to increase revenues and EBITDA. 
  • Cannabis market supply and pricing in Colorado versus other regions. 
  • Advantages of Colorado’s $1.7 billion regulated cannabis market versus California.
  • Impact of cannabis home delivery services in Colorado, which start in 2020.
  • Opportunities for MedPharm Holdings (pending acquisition), one of the few Federally-licensed growers of medical cannabis, and it’s R&D program which expects to launch clinical trials in 2020 for cannabis-based treatments for Alzheimers and dementia.