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Analyst: 3 Predictions for Internet Stocks in 2020

The clock is ticking down on 2019, and you know what that means: It’s time for Wall Street analysts to tempt fate, clamber out on limbs, and make predictions about what will happen in 2020.Unable to overcome the temptation, Rosenblatt internet analyst Mark Zgutowicz joined the parade of prognosticators, with a few predictions about Facebook, Spotify, and Shopify, too. Here’s what he had to say:Facebook (FB)2019 saw presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (and even Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes) publicly call for breaking up Facebook to reduce its monopoly power in social networking — but Zgutowicz doesn’t think it …read more […]

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Is the Party Over? Here Are 10 Stocks to Avoid Now

It’s hard to believe there are only a handful of hours left in 2019.
And what a year it’s been!
Over the past several weeks, my focus has been on helping investors position themselves for the biggest possible gains in 2020.
And we’re seeing this pay off.
In mid-November, I wrote about 10 small caps expected to see revenue grow at least 100% in 2020. Even though Sage Therapeutics (Nasdaq: SAGE) has buckled and Tellurian (Nasdaq: TELL) has slipped since then, the rest have gained…

In fact, GSX Techedu (NYSE: GSX) has broken out, surging 50% and setting new 52-week highs!
But those aren’t the only …read more […]