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Unqork IPO: Will This No-Code Platform Company Be a 2021 Unicorn?

Will Unqork IPO in 2021? Recently, this startup was chosen as a possible 2021 unicorn. And the rumors of it going public have investors looking for Unqork stock.
But is Unqork going public? Here’s what we know…
Unqork IPO: The Business

CEO Gary Hoberman founded Unqork in 2016. It’s a startup software company. Unqork provides a cloud-based no-code platform. It lets companies build, deploy and manage applications all without writing a single line of code. Unqork claims this creates a faster, simpler and more cost-effective process.
Some of Unqork’s clients include The District of Columbia, New York City, Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), Liberty Mutual …read more […]