NEXT SUPER STOCK: NexTech AR Solutions Corp. (OTC: NEXCF) January 15, 2020 conference presentation

NexTech AR Solutions Corp. (OTC: NEXCF)(CSE: NTAR)

Next Super Stock investor conference presentation January 15, 2020


NexTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) is one of the leaders in the rapidly growing Augmented Reality technology industry, estimated to hit $120 billion by 2022, according to Statista (and the only “pure play” AR stock).

In this presentation, CEO Evan Gappelberg updates investors on NEXCF’s rapid progress since last month’s conference presentation, including:

  • Record revenue growth
  • Launch of the AR online advertising network
  • NexTech’s latest AR tech innovations for image capture
  • And more!

NEXCF stock has increased from $0.52 at the time of the company’s August 15, 2019 debut at the NEXT SUPER STOCK conference to a recent high of $2.38 – an increase of +357%.

NEXCF CEO Evan Gappelberg most recent exit delivered a 20X return for his investors, and Evan has a 20+ year track record of spotting tech trends early and delivering massive returns for investors.

Many investment experts believe Augmented Reality is THE next “hot investment theme” – similar to the way cannabis stocks are today. Because, NEXCF is the only “pure play” AR stock, the company is receiving notable interest from institutional investors who want to get positioned early to ride a mega-trend.