Wall Street Icon ASHER EDELMAN: Economy COLLAPSE + 2020 Election forecast

Asher Edelman, the “Thinking Man of Wall Street” rose to fame in the 1980’s as a feared corporate raider. In fact, the Gordon Gekko character in the movie “Wall Street” was based on him.

In this interview Asher talks about what he sees as the coming collapse of the US economy, driven by a massive debt bubble bursting and the coronavirus pandemic leading to collapse of global trade, and 1930’s style depression. Asher also explains why he is no longer a Bernie Bro, and has his hopes on Joe Biden beating Donald Trump “like a drum” in November election.

On a happy note, Asher talks about opportunities in the art market, and his new AI-driven art valuation app, which can be a “game changer” for the art market. www.ARTBnk.com which

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