VSBLTY Groupe Technologies (OTC: VSBGF) Helping Global Business Reopen Safely During COVID


Philadelphia, PA, Oct. 13, 2020 — VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC: VSBGF) (“VSBLTY”), a leading retail and security software technology company, reports momentum building in both the security and retail sectors as the firm responds to COVID-19 and the re-opening of the world’s economies Co-founder & CEO Jay Hutton announced today in his Q4 2020 CEO update.

VSBLTY Technology Helps Businesses Reopen

“In this COVID-19 pandemic era, businesses are working to re-open safely by creating new security protocols, including adjunct temperature screening measures to routinely provide additional safeguards for employees, retail customers, and venue patrons entering all types of facilities,” Hutton said. “We’ve partnered our proven groundbreaking software technology with world-class companies to meet today’s needs for temperature sensing and alerting using our facial and object recognition for access control, mask detection, and occupancy, and density management for social distance monitoring,” he explained.

VSBLTY is co-partnering with major kiosk manufacturers to provide contactless, self-service technology to accurately and efficiently measure people for “at-risk” temperatures at the point of admittance, thereby reducing virus transmission potential between the operator and the person being scanned.

VSBLTY technology adds facial recognition to thermal imaging, and the firm is working with KIOSK Information Systems, a world leader in the design and manufacture of self-service automation, and Synect, a content creation agency that enables video displays of unlimited size and scale in retail stores, airports and other complex facilities throughout the country.

VSBLTY Advances Multiple “Smart Cities” Applications

“Our advanced technologies are being adopted in multiple ‘Smart Cities’ Solutions around the globe,” Hutton reported. The following “Smart Cities’ initiatives have commenced or are scheduled to begin this quarter:

  • VSBLTY computer vision is benchmark testing people and traffic counting in New York’s Times Square. The company is testing algorithms to determine the best utility in “Smart Cities” applications in concert with its Fortune 50 global technology partner.
  • VSBLTY, in partnership with RadarApp, a Smart Cities Solutions provider, is beginning a production deployment in late October that leverages WIFI6 wireless infrastructure to provide high performance and low-cost surveillance connectivity. The firms are installing thousands of security kits, powered by VSBLTY software, in the multi-million dollar investment Mexico City communities are making in its safety lighting and integrated security program.
  • VSBLTY has been selected to lead a thematic area for a global innovation, science and technology hub. More than 100 companies will be joining with several other firms selected to run industry-specific thematic areas. VSBLTY was selected to lead the Smart Retail area.

Hutton added, “As part of our Smart Cities solution in Mexico we are developing an advanced camera integration that incorporates artificial intelligence processing directly on the camera. This will improve efficiencies and save significant dollars for network operators.”

Innovative Display Program is Producing ROI for Global Brands

Sponsored by a global brand, VSBLTY is in a Phase 1 deployment in a national drug retailer with an innovative display program to promote seasonal drug products through an internet-connected, interactive end cap solution. This sophisticated integration incorporates third party information with detailed customer and store analytics while tracking weekly sales data. Learnings from this test will help drive improved performance and increase ROI.

VSBLTY Helps Create New Media Networks for Retailers

VSBLTY’s advanced technologies are not only providing retailers with immediate and comprehensive customer information but are producing a new revenue stream by selling the stores to brands as a more engaging advertising medium. “There is no better place to enable brands to sell their products than where those products are on display and customers are ready to buy,” Hutton said. “Unlike any other media, retail digital signage can interact with and engage customers, even answering questions right at point of sale. A network of signage in chain stores is a very attractive advertising medium for product manufacturers,” he said.

To advance “The  Stores as Media,” VSBLTY has an innovative pilot program with a U.S. East Coast grocery chain, a large deployment in a national fuel and convenience retailer in South Africa and the launch of a digital network in a convenience store chain with more than 9000 stores in Mexico. The first phase deployment began in September.

In addition, the company has signed a marketing service agreement with Octagon Media Corp. and granted 350,000 three-year options to the firm. The options are exercisable at .17 share CAD.