Smart for Life (NASDAQ: SMFL) Ramps Up Manufacturing of Milk Dust Lactation Products During Baby Formula Scarcity

Milk Dust Has Partnered with Smart for Life to Manufacture Its Proprietary Products Designed to Support Mother’s Breast Milk Production

Milk Dust lactation protein powder

MIAMI, June 23, 2022 — Smart for Life, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMFL) (“Smart for Life” or the “Company”), a global leader in the Health & Wellness sector marketing and manufacturing nutritional supplements and foods worldwide, today announced that its Doctors Scientific Organica division has accelerated production of Milk Dust, an assortment of proprietary nutritional products and lactation protein powder created for breastfeeding mothers to increase milk supply, nourish the postpartum body and help combat sugar cravings.

Milk Dust has partnered with Smart for Life to manufacture its proprietary products designed to support mother’s breast milk production since 2019. The Milk Dust line of products was founded and created by a mom of four, who wanted to help other mothers keep their milk supply while getting back in shape. It has been providing breastfeeding and pregnant mothers with safe, clean and delicious protein over the past three years. See Milk Dust’s Founder and President, Katie Pickett describing her story here.

“While breast feeding is not a panacea to the infant formula scarcity, we have seen increased demand for our Milk Dust formula and we are thrilled to be helping moms across the United States, and through our recent expansion in the UK and Europe,” stated Katie Pickett, the Founder and President of Milk Dust. “As a mother of four, I am thrilled to see the formula I created to enhance my postpartum milk supply, help so many other moms.”

Milk Dust satisfies sugar cravings with clean, nutrient-dense protein that is made specifically for postpartum healing, nourishment, lactation, and is designed to help mothers bring back their pre-pregnancy figure.   Now, three years later, the powder has been able to help over 50,000 moms with their milk supply.

Dr. Sasson Moulavi, the Founder of Doctors Scientific Organica and Chief Medical Officer for Smart for Life, stated, “We are seeing increased demand for Milk Dust and we believe it has been driven in part by the greater awareness of breastfeeding during the baby formula shortage. We are proud to have partnered with Katie during the development of her formula. As a Doctor I always use the highest quality ingredients possible – each of which is hand-picked, and the lactation-blend is a unique combination of herbs, spices and nutrients.”

Darren Minton, Chief Executive Officer of Smart for Life, concluded, “Milk Dust is a fantastic product that has seen more awareness by moms through online channels and social media. Our FDA-certified manufacturing facility in Florida has the capacity to ramp up production of the Milk Dust line of products and we are excited to continue our partnership with the Milk Dust team as they continue to help pave the way in nutrition for breastfeeding mothers.”

About Milk Dust

Milk Dust was created by a mom of four who wanted to help other mothers with their milk supply utilizing a high-quality, nutrient-dense and delicious supplement. The product leverages a unique formula that helps new mothers curb sugar cravings, increasing energy levels and support their milk production. The Milk Dust lactation protein powder offers proprietary, patent-pending lactation and protein blend to help breastfeeding mothers. It also helps mothers in managing weight gain during pregnancy. For more information about Milk Dust, please visit:

About Smart for Life, Inc.

Smart for Life, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMFL) is engaged in the development, marketing, manufacturing, acquisition, operation and sale of a broad spectrum of nutritional and related products with an emphasis on health and wellness. Structured as a global holding company, the Company is executing a Buy-and-Build strategy with serial accretive acquisitions creating a vertically integrated company with an objective of aggregating companies generating a minimum of $300 million in revenues within the next thirty-six months. To drive growth and earnings, Smart for Life is developing proprietary products as well as acquiring other profitable companies, encompassing brands, manufacturing and distribution channels. The Company currently operates four subsidiaries including Doctors Scientific Organica, Nexus Offers, Bonne Santé Natural Manufacturing and GSP Nutrition. For more information about Smart for Life, please visit:

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