Imperial Petroleum (NASDAQ: IMPP) CEO Interview: “Shipping Company Offers Growth and Value”

Imperial Petroleum (NASDAQ: IMPP)

CEO Harry Vilfias

Good morning everybody. I am the CEO of Imperial Petroleum (NASDAQ: IMPP) and we’d like to briefly chat about the recent developments with our company. As I’m sure you’ve all seen, we had record results. We announced record results. Q4 last year. On top of that, we announced the termination of our at the market program, therefore, will not be issuing any more shares under that program.

And last but not least, we announced yesterday the management estimate of Netta value per. , which as you saw was significantly higher than the current market price of our shares. I’d like to remind you that we are a company that we are only one year old. We started as a spinoff of stealth gas in December 21, and despite that, we.

Very fast achieving a sizable fleet of mainly oil tankers. And at the moment, as you saw in our results, we have in excess of 120 million in cash, less than 45 million in. and Region 250 to 300 million in values of our assets of our ships. In addition, as you might have seen from our end of the year results, we had our net income was increased by 1020%. Our EBIDA Increase. by 2125%, and our annual net income was in the region of 30 million, which is approximately as much as our market cap. So we believe that we are greatly undervalued. We believe that in fact, investors will slowly see the real value in the company.

We really see the timing of our move. that were executed flawlessly and will understand that at these levels that the surge are trading at is the surge are a complete bargain, especially now. That we have stopped the atm and therefore we’re not issuing any more shares. And of course, especially after the announcement about the N Nav V per share, where people understand that the N nav per share is in the region of $1 and 36 cents, and we are trading at a huge discount to that.

Once more, please. Reevaluate the fundamentals of the company. Check our trading history, check our our trading volume, which is very big again for a company of our size and and an age. And obviously, if that makes sense buy the IMPP shares…


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