Pan Orient Energy Corp. (CVE: POE) CEO Interview

Pan Orient Energy Corp.
Interview With:
Jeff Chisholm B.Sc
President & CEO
Dated February 26, 2009

Corporate Info
Pan Orient Energy Corp. (Pan Orient) is an oil and natural gas company based in Calgary, Alberta, which holds properties onshore Thailand, and interests in subsidiaries with properties in Northern Alberta. In addition, the Company is pursuing other oil and natural gas exploration acreage in Asia. The Company operates in two segments: the exploration for and production of conventional oil and gas in Asia (Thailand), and the development of heavy oil in Canada through its subsidiary Andora energy corporation (Andora). On September 19, 2007, the Company’s subsidiary, Andora acquired Signet Energy Inc., which is a private oil and gas company holding heavy oil interests in Sawn Lake, Alberta.

Interview Transcript

First off, can you give us an update on the Sawn Lake property?

Jeff Chisholm:
We’ve just recently put out our year-end 2008 reserve report for Sawn Lake. We had a minor decrease in essentially 3P reserves, very, very minor in 2P reserves, as a result of some drilling outside of the main production part area that we contemplate.

In terms NPVs, discounted at 10% after tax, after royalty, we were up over last year. A lot of that reflected in the price tax going out past 2010, and also the decreased differential that we are seeing right now between heavy and conventional crude in Alberta. And that’s pretty much a summary of the looking back – looking forward at Sawn Lake.

We have application that we put into the Alberta government for a SAG-D demonstration project that was back in April. We’ve had a lot of back and forth with the government which were [ph] at (1:25) clarifications and various issues and we expect approval for that any time over the next two or three months.

Can you give us an update also on your Thailand operations?

Jeff Chisholm:
Thailand, we have not yet put out the reserve report for year-end 2008. We anticipate, we’ll have those numbers at some point in early March at which point [ph] that’s release (1:49). We are expecting an increase over the last year, exactly how much at this point, well I can’t comment. Production was up significantly over 2008. We did higher of about 14,000 barrels a day growth and that what 84 new barrels per day production is more than putting in, in there. And we have got two rigs going forward. The remainder of 2009 contemplates on drilling for the year of about 27 to 30 wells, approximately two-thirds developments and about one-thirds [ph] rate (2:23).

Tell us about some of the other milestones that we can expect over the next year.

Jeff Chisholm:
In particular in Thailand beyond development exploration on the two concessions we have been focused on for last two years, we have a third concession in the southern portion of onshore Thailand at [indiscernible] (2:47) Bangkok. We just about done all the environmental permit on that and we anticipate five exploration wells [ph] operational somewhere (2:55) in there. About three to four months from now, we view there is a lot of potential. We shot 3D on that [indiscernible] (3:04) about two years ago. We have an 100% as apposed to concessions up North at 60.

In addition, we’ve acquired two contracts in Indonesia, the Citarum toward Java, 69% working interest and operator, and Batu Gajah onshore Sumatra for a 90% working interest and operator.

We just started shooting seismic on Citarum about two weeks ago. We should be wrapped up in about six months. We plan a well there in the latter part of 2009. And on the Sumatra concession, Batu Gajah, we just start shooting seismic about a month from now. And we anticipate [indiscernible] (3:45) at some point towards the latter part of 2009.

Could you provide us an overview of some of the challenges that you’re facing in the industry and also how you’re positioning Pan Orient to overcome them?

Jeff Chisholm:
Well. I mean we’ve certainly seen a significant decrease in the price of oil over the last year. That said our breakeven costs producing oil onshore Thailand is probably somewhere in the range of about $15 a barrel. Our OpEx there is currently running at about $425 a barrel, all-in. So, it’s a very low cost operation. It is positive revenue generating. We are anticipating with a base oil price, $15 WTI, free cash flow for 2009 will be in the range of about $22 million to $27 million.

And in addition to that we currently have somewhere in the range of about Cad$42 to Cad$50 million in the bank beyond that which is more than sufficient to fund us going forward.

What are some of the reasons why investors should consider POE?

Jeff Chisholm:
Well. I think we’re one of the few, certainly junior or intermediates out there this year that just hasn’t gone into hibernation mode. We’ll continue with an active drilling program. Production is increasing, reserves are increasing. And we have a very active exploration program for the remainder of the year going forward. Despite the current oil prices we’re very much in growth mode.

What are some of the things that you’re doing in terms of reaching out to investors?

Jeff Chisholm:
We really have been waiting for the final reserve reports for 2008 before we actively go round some of our major investors and give significant updates on what the Company has been up to.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add for the investors about the Company?

Jeff Chisholm:
The only thing I would say is, just like to reiterate the point that I made earlier that we are well cashed up, we have zero debt, production is increasing, reserves are increasing, and we’re a very low cost operator. We expect continued growth through 2009 in reserves and cash flow.

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