Kodak (NYSE: EK) could have 200%+ upside & Chinese buyout.

Kodak (NYSE: EK) has been left for dead. At a recent $3 price, there’s never been a better time to take a look at this dog stock!

Jeff Borack has an interesting analysis of Kodak here. The bottom line is that Kodak is trading at far below it’s book (liquidation?) value, and has “cigar butt” income coming in.

One potential upside catalyst not mentioned is that Kodak is still a great global brand name which would be prized by the CHINESE. Similar to the Chinese purchase of IBM’s PC/Printer business by Lenovo.

Chinese sweatshop labor+Kodak Brand = $5 (disposable) digital camera for the masses.

Maybe even Warren Buffet, or Eddie Lampert, or other Buffet wannabe could step up to the plate and bid.

This is a stock where you have to hold your nose, before buying. At face value, Kodak has no redeeming value and is a dying, irrelevent, once-great company.

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