YIELD GROWTH (OTC: BOSQF) (CSE: BOSS) Announces Development of 10 New Hemp Root Oil Infused Products Exclusively for Men

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 18, 2019  — The Yield
Growth Corp. (CSE:BOSS) (OTCQB:BOSQF) (Frankfurt:YG3) is pleased to
announce it is developing a unique selection of Urban Juve products exclusively for
men. Featuring amber and tobacco—two ingredients with ancient origins—the new
products under development include beard oil, hair gel, aftershave moisturizer,
shaving cream, sex balm and four essential oil colognes.

The demand for hemp grooming products for men is expanding. According to Forbes,
$6.9 billion was spent in the U.S. on men’s grooming products last year, and men’s
skin care product sales grew by 11%, making it the fastest growing segment of the
skin care market. According to cannabis industry analysts The Brightfield Group, the
hemp-CBD market may hit $22 billion by 2022.

“We have had great response from men using the Urban Juve products, which
inspired us to formulate products specifically for men,” says Bhavna Solecki, Director
of Product & Content at Urban Juve. “We incorporated amber and tobacco essential
oils, not only for their luxe, masculine fragrance notes, but also for their Ayurvedic

Because of its ancient origins, Amber is a natural choice for Urban Juve’s inaugural
men’s line. The essential oil derived from amber is one of the oldest in the world and
has been traded since 8,000 BC. It is the fossilized sap of the giant prehistoric conifer,
Pinus Succinifera, and can be up to 345 million years old. Today, it is a popular ingredient in many perfumes, but it also has Ayurvedic benefits; it is known to calm the mind, rejuvenate tired-looking skin, and strengthen the appearance of hair follicles. Additionally, amber has analgesic properties and works as an aphrodisiac.

Tobacco has been used in various forms for thousands of years, often with other herbs for ritualistic purposes, healing and purification ceremonies. The tobacco leaf has also been used to induce trance states and visions. According to ancient healing systems like Ayurveda, tobacco has been used to treat various health disorders and its effects have been proven by modern research as well. It has been used to
relieve stress and treat skin conditions, alopecia and dandruff.

The men’s products will include as a key ingredient hemp root oil pr oduced using Urban Juve’s proprietary extraction technology. The new products will commence microbial and stability testing this summer for an early 2020 anticipated release. Urban Juve products are now distributed in the U.S. and Canada with a recent deal signed to launch the products in China.

About The Yield Growth Corp.
The Yield Growth Corp. develops, manufactures and distributes cannabis and hemp infused luxury product brands Urban Juve and Wright & Well and has a catalogue of over 200 wellness and beauty products in development. It intends to disrupt the international wellness market by connecting ancient healing with modern science and technology. Its management team has deep experience with global brands including Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, M·A·C Cosmetics, Skechers, Best Buy, Aritzia, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Corporation.

Yield Growth serves mainstream luxury consumers who seek sophisticated wellness products. Its flagship consumer brand, Urban Juve, has proprietary, patent-pending hemp root oil extraction technology and formulas. Yield Growth is building sophisticated international distribution channels and has multiple revenue streams including licensing, services and product sales.